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      Podívat se přímo zde nebo - "Následujte nás na YouTube": Poohlédněte se po Hoffmann Group také na YouTube. Zde si nás můžete vyzkoušet v pohybu. Najdete zde všechna videa a multimediální obsah Hoffmann Group a uvidíte poslední trendy v oboru a výsledky vývoje.


      Tools in Action

      Milling cutters, turning tools and clamping technology in use!

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      Milling with process reliability

      Milling tools for process reliability and efficiency: Roughing end mills, finishing cutters, face mills, taps, TPC milling cutters, PPC barrel milling cutters, trochoidal milling, micro milling cutters, high precision milling cutters. torus cutters, copy slot drills, barrel milling cutters. Achieve high chip volume, large infeed and maximum feed rates.

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      We provide access to many reputable manufacturers in the field of turning from a single source: We will supply the right solution for your application, whether in the field of longitudinal turning / facing, thread turning, cutting in / parting off, tool or component clamping, or other applications.

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      Efficient drilling

      Drilling tools for a working process that is efficient and process reliable: taps, high-performance drills, solid carbide high precision drills, solid carbide drills, drills for plastic, interchangeable head drills, HSS drills, indexable drills.

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      Grinding and cutting

      Grinding and cutting tools for fast and precise work and highest productivity.

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      Workstations and storage - flexible and modular

      Individually plan and extend workstations and storage: Workbenches, workstations, tool cabinets, swing door cabinets and sliding door cabinets.

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      Precise measuring

      Master individual measuring tasks with the appropriate measuring tools: Contour measuring instrument, measuring microscopes, calipers.

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