Connected Manufacturing - the solution that is quick and reliable

Getting started with Industry 4.0 has never been so easy. You can get started directly with no large investments or effort. Our subscription model has no hidden costs and can be ordered and adjusted at any time. Commissioning in your company takes place within a few days, and thanks to our user-friendly software you will be immediately ready for use after a short training session.

It just takes 4 steps to get started:
1. Request a consultation > 2. Preparatory measures > 3. Commissioning and instruction within a week > 4. Get started

Other packages are also available for you:
Connected Manufacturing Basic - Cloud-based tool management with CAM interface, without additional expenses for IT and maintenance Click here for the package

> Calculate your cost savings (Excel) (XLSX)
> More information about the cost savings (PDF)

You can find the suitable RFID accessories in our eShop:

Art. no.: 08 5670 PEN

RFID Reader

Art. no.: 08 5672 TAG

RFID Chip Tag 100 pieces

Art. no.: 08 5673 PLUG

RFID Chip Plug 100 pieces

We are constantly working to expand our range of supported devices & systems.

Machine controls:
Heidenhain TNC426, iTNC530, TNC640 (option 18) or Siemens 840 D (OPC UA)
Pre-setting devices:
GARANT VG1, Kelch, Zoller (DNC interface) or machine laser measuring system (e.g. Blum Laser)
Tebis, Mastercam, HyperMill or SolidCAM. General import via Excel, generic interface to other CAM systems
Tool issue (optional):

„Connected Manufacturing” - Information from preparation to commissioning

Implementation of the browser-based software and connection of the machines to your production can be realised within a very short time thanks to the most up-to-date software architecture. Operation is so easy and intuitive that no special training is necessary. You are ready to start after just a short instruction session.

> Click here for more information (PDF)

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