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At Hoffmann we cultivate a value-oriented corporate culture that enables our team to perform at its best and thereby create the foundation for our sustainable success for already more than 100 years.

The Hoffmann culture is based on the 3 pillars Pioneering - Precise - Personal.

The dynamics and the rapid growth of Hoffmann are fascinating. But most importantly, we always manage to remain true to our strong value system.

Our attitude: Pioneering

We search for creative responses to the needs of our customers. In doing so, we confidently open up new opportunities. The benchmark for our innovation is the quality of our solutions.

In an increasingly automated and partially virtual world, Hoffmann develops Software technologies that will help our customers with the complete tool management. This is how we continue to live up to the philosophy of Franz Hoffmann - to always be one step ahead of development.

Our performance: Precise

Our performance simply stated: Precision work. In doing so, we rely on simple processes. We focus our actions on the requirements of our customers. We reliably keep our promises.

Franz Hoffmann was a smart strategist and visionary. His motto was: Make the simple excellent. This omnipresent quality idea has made Hoffmann strong and is appreciated by customers worldwide.

Our style: Personal

We rely on a cooperation based on trust, listen attentively and communicate respectfully. Our work is based on transparency and passion.

What Hoffmann has always been about: the special Hoffmann culture and the team spirit among the colleagues. We give each other a lot of trust. On this basis of trust Hoffmann continues to achieve big goals.

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