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Precision boring set ⌀ 9.75 − 101.1 mm

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Through-coolant: yes


  • Through-coolant: yes



The precision boring tool can be adapted directly on to the ER40 collet chuck.


For boring bars with shank ⌀ 16 mm and insert toolholder.
Can be extended with adapter and insert toolholder to ⌀ 152.1 mm.
Adjustment accuracy 0.01 mm / with vernier 0.002 mm on the ⌀.
Boring bars with suitable standard ISO insert type CC..0602.
Insert toolholders with suitable standard ISO insert type CC..09T3.

Spare part:

For No. 237630237642: Insert screw No. 219830.
For No. 237645; 237531; 237532: Insert screw No. 219805.


Preferably with indexable inserts No. 237695 – -237698


Insert toolholder 237531 for extending the ⌀ range from 105.75 to 119.1mm (up to 132.1 with the adapter 237534).
Insert toolholder 237532 for extending the ⌀ range from 125.75 to 139.1mm (up to 152.1 with the adapter 237534).

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