Art. č.: 434707 1200

Compact length measuring gauge 1200

Značka: Mahr
Rozhraní Rozhraní RS232C
Přepínatelné rozlišení mm / palce
Rozhraní Rozhraní USB
Rozhraní Rozhraní USB
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Compact length measuring gauge 1200

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Popis produktu


Compact casing with high-resolution, sharp contrast TFT colour display. Connection for 1 inductive probe. Display can be tilted steplessly for the optimum viewing angle The direction of reading can be switched over. Selectable mains and battery operation.


  • Dynamic measurement functions: Max, Min, Max-Min.
  • Centring of the display at the centre of the tolerance limits.
  • Password protection for the menu


As display for one inductive probe with Mahr compatibility, for simple measuring tasks (+ A, − A). Ideal for stationary and portable use in the workshop and manufacturing shop.

Supplied with:

Supplied with plug-in power supply (115 − 230 V, 50 − 60 Hz).

Optional extras:

Data cable No. 498938.

Technické údaje

Measuring range
±3 to ±5000 µm
Adjustable scale
0.2 / 1 / 2 / 10 / 20 / 100 / 200 / 500 µm
Reversible reading
mm / inch
maximum resolution
0.1 µm
RS232C interface; USB interface; Digimatic interface
150 mm
130 mm
170 mm
1 kg
Type of product
Measured value display unit
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