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Electronic torque wrench / rotational angle wrench HCT

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  • Display: large sharp contrast illuminated 2.8 inch TFT display with double scale with viewing angle stability. With battery display and memory display. Torque and rotational angle both displayed at the same time.
  • Display: Peak and Track.
  • Modes: Displaying torque, triggering torque, triggering rotational angle, triggering rotational angle with rotational angle monitoring, triggering rotational angle with torque monitoring. Up to 100 screw tightening profiles can be programmed. Recurrent screw tightening profiles and be summarised into a procedure (up to 10 procedures each with up to 10 screw tightening profiles). Screw tightening profiles and procedures can be programmed both directly at the wrench and also conveniently via the app.
  • Possible wireless applications: HCT Windows app and HCT mobile app. The analyser has a bi-directional interface but can also be operated on its own (without an app).
  • Apps: the Bluetooth dongle 498999 STICK (licence) and the Windows app software are required to activate the HCT Windows app (http://ho7.eu./win-app-hct). The HCT mobile app is available free of charge for iOS and Android.
  • Memory capacity: 1000 measurement values with timestamp (incl. date and time). The memory on the wrench can be manually deactivated if the connection to the end device has been established by HID.
  • Data output: possible via Bluetooth or USB-C. Via Bluetooth: available via the apps as a .csv file, or directly at the torque wrench via the HID interface for simple and convenient digital documentation. Via USB-C interface: the data can be exported as a .csv file.
  • Wireless approval: the torque wrench with Bluetooth interface has valid wireless approval in all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, UK, China, USA and Mexico.
  • Password protection: available as protection against unauthorised access to the menu (master password) and for verifying screw-tightening cases and procedures. In addition, you can set that reworking a screw connection that has been performed incorrectly requires input of a password.
  • Warning signal outputs are haptic (vibration), visual (change of colour at the display, 360° LED ring with “traffic light function” clearly visible from anywhere) and acoustic (buzzer). The pre-warning point can be configured individually. Haptic and acoustic warning signals can be disabled if desired.
  • Easy input of reference: for tools with a different reference dimension, simply input the new dimension. No laborious calculations with formulae.
  • Protection class IP40: the display is splash-proof.
  • The 2-component handle of the torque / rotational angle wrench ensures specially good ergonomics and high torque transmission.
  • Resistant to oils, grease, fuel, brake fluid and Skydrol.
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French.
  • Factory setting: can be reset to the factory setting.
  • Time and date on the wrench are updated automatically as soon as it is connected to the app.
  • Display of the software version with serial number, load cycle counter and calibration date.
  • Calibration reminder: after number of load cycles.

Units of measure: Nm, lbfft, lbfin.


HCT – Hoffmann Group Connected Tools
Advantages of wireless transmission with Bluetooth:
  • Simple data transmission: At the push of a button the measuring result is transmitted directly to your PC application (such as Excel or Word) or to your mobile phone - no dongle necessary.
  • Freedom of movement: No messy data transmission cables.
  • Independence of location: Measurements can be performed directly to the machine and transmitted by radio to your application.
  • Reliable data transmission: No read errors and transmission errors - multiple measuring devices can be linked together.


Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.


Torque: Clockwise ± 2%, anticlockwise ± 3%.
Rotation angle: ± 1° for the measurement range up to 100°, ± 1 % for the measurement range 100° and beyond.

Cutting data:

Legend for drawing and formula:

l1 = Lever length without plug-in head
l2 = Adjusted reference dimension on the torque wrench
l3 = Lever length including factory calibration reference dimension
l4 = Reference dimension of the plug-in head
L = Total length of the tool
T1 = Torque to be set
T2 = Specified torque

Supplied with:

USB-C data cable, reversible ratchet with ejector (size 12 – 340: plug-in ratchet, size 500 and 850: fixed ratchet), 1 commercially available Li-ion battery type 18650 3.6V / 3400 mAh (can be charged directly in the tool via a USB-C plug). Supplied in a sturdy plastic case.


Suitable additional batteries can be found under No. 081574 size 3500. Charger for 4 batteries available as options under: 081590 size 4ULTRA.

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