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Thread insert set, 100 pieces 1.5×D

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Metric threaded inserts of stainless steel wire, which resemble springs. Free-running thread, turn for turn, the drive tag is broken off at the notch (design fracture point) after installation. Optimised shape with innovative introduction zone that allows the insert to be attached and turned like a screw to insert it.
High-strength HeliCoil®plus thread inserts for through bolts, of stainless steel with high wear-resistance, low thread friction in close tolerances, high surface quality as well as corrosion and heat resistance. The flexible construction allows an even distribution of load and tension forces and thus allows creation of very high quality permanent screw connections with ideal force transfer for all working loads (static, dynamic). Uncomplicated quick insertion, resulting in an internal thread that can be used from both ends.


For economic repair of damaged or worn threads and as a construction element for thread reinforcement in materials which have low shear strength (e.g. aluminium, aluminium-magnesium alloys).


Self-locking inserts and inserts with other dimensions are available on request.
  • For suitable thread gauges for thread checking see No. 486000ff.
  • Self-locking inserts, inserts with other dimensions and UNC/UNF thread inserts are available on request.

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