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Numeral punch set, 10 pieces Normal script 0 − 9

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Brand: PRYOR




Made of hard and tough steel with particularly precise machine engraving and depth tolerance; accurately centred. Calibrated shank, through hardened. Striking head enhancement for safe working. Supplied in a plastic case.
High performance precision punches, chemically nickel-plated, very long service life.
Normal script; i. e. the punched character can be read directly on the component.


For punching into materials with a strength up to 1200 N/mm2.

Spare part:

Individual number punches under No. 085411 size font height/number, e. g. No. 085411 size 3/1.
Individual letter punches under No. 085431 size font height/character, e.g. No. 085431 size 3/A.


Other hand and machine punches of all types, such as punches with a company’s logo etc., are available on request.

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