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Art.-Nr.: 313237

Stepped jaws set, 3 pieces, straight teeth

Marke: SCHUNK®

Stepped jaws set, 3 pieces, straight teeth




As the jaws can be changed or adjusted to the required diameter in just a few seconds, it is useful to have several jaw sets on hand ready for use at the machine. This minimises set-up times. The jaw units consist for example of several sets of base jaws with soft top jaws, which can be machined out to the required diameters. This rationalisation method is not only necessary for NC machines but also important for every lathe type.
For turning or drilling.

Suitable for:

Schunk self-centring chucks No. 313115 / 3117 / 3135 / 3137, Röhm self-centring chucks Duro No. 313110 / 3120 / 3130 / 3140 and other self-centring chuck systems.


  • Hard top and stepped jaws purchased subsequently must be ground internally in the chuck for concentricity and run-out.
  • Please check the serrations when matching to lathe chucks.
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