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Absorbent fleece roll 0.4×15 m

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Oil and chemical absorbent fleece with exceptional absorption capacity (up to 20 times its own weight), very low disposal costs because of greatly reduced waste. The absorbent fleeces are 100 % polypropylene and are suitable for virtually all chemicals. Significant improvement of safety and cleanliness in operation, neither liquids nor granules are spread on the ground. Colour code system for distinguishing the wipes by application.
Items of size OIL take up only oil (e.g. separation of oil and water, or use outdoors). Items of size UNI take up all liquids (e.g. oil, water, chemicals).
Rolls with reinforced three-layer structure, 100 % lint-free. The role is folded three times (13/ 14/ 13 cm perforated along the length) and supplied in the dispenser box. Cross perforations every 50 cm.

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