ADAC swears by Milwaukee

The advantages of the extremely robust high-performance impact wrench are obvious

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them and almost everyone has been helped by them at some point. Of course, we are talking about the “Yellow Angels”, who are on the road in Germany day in and day out, helping drivers with advice and assistance in case of a breakdown. In order to be able to do their job quickly, reliably and at the highest level of quality, the ladies and gentlemen of the ADAC depend on appropriate tools. And this complete equipment for the road patrol drivers has been supplied by the Hoffmann Group for many years.

The Milwaukee M18 CHIWF12 and with it the Hoffmann Group, the largest Milwaukee dealer in Europe, are ahead of the game in the field of tyre changes. Initially, older employees and those with a doctor's certificate were to benefit from the impact wrench. But then the ADAC decided to equip the entire fleet of “Yellow Angels” with it so that everyone could benefit from the health-promoting measures. In September 2015, almost 1,500 Milwaukee M18 CHIWF including the matching hexagon sockets were delivered to the ADAC.

The high-performance impact wrench has many advantages. The ergonomic handle with soft-grip coating makes it much easier for employees to tighten and loosen wheel bolts. This not only increases comfort, but also saves valuable working time and the road patrol driver is available for the next customer more quickly. In addition, the impact wrench, which is leading in battery technology, can be operated with a battery platform that is compatible with other devices. This creates space in the car for other important things.

The fact that the ADAC continues to rely on the Hoffmann Group has to do not only with the high-quality Milwaukee product, but also with the structures that have grown up between the two companies, and the service concept. For Hoffmann, the cooperation does not end after delivery. When problems arise, when complaints have to be dealt with or when something new needs to be tried out, Hoffmann employees are always available. This comprehensive service offer, which also includes the handling of complaints or repairs of Milwaukee products that were not purchased from the Hoffmann Group, is an elementary component that played an important role in the ADAC's decision-making process.

The ADAC and the Hoffmann Group intend to continue their intensive cooperation in the future. New vehicles will continue to be equipped accordingly, innovative products will be introduced and changes and improvements will be communicated and implemented in the market.

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