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Isn't it great when you find everything in one place?


Not everything in life can be planned out 100%. But your system can. Our online configurator allows you to plan your rigid foam inlays exactly in line with your requirements. Choose from the 3D variant with 100% accurate depth selection and the lower-cost 2D variant with a single common milled depth throughout. You'll then receive a detailed quotation – outlined with exceptional clarity, down to the last penny. Our solution also includes a useful project archive containing all the project information you need – so you really can plan your system in 100% detail.

The benefits to your are:

  • 100% accuracy of fit for your tools
  • Missing tools are easily spotted
  • Quicker removal of tools (no more searching)
  • Quick, virtual planning on our website
  • Important component of the 5S method

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eForm - Individually planned rigid foam inlay

eForm - Individually planned rigid foam inlay

The eForm rigid foam inlay offers a specific place for every tool. You can plan your tailor-made rigid foam inlay with the help of the eForm configurator.

You require access to the OneShop in order to use the eForm configurator.