Responsibility for people and the environment

Adopting a sense of responsibility isn't something we feel obliged to do – it's something we truly believe in. For decades now, the Hoffmann Group has been championing causes on behalf of both people and the environment, and this commitment has become enshrined in our company culture and actions.

The Hoffmann Group Foundation


We provide support for children and young people who are disadvantaged because of a difficult social environment, severe illness, or mental or physical disability. Our aim is to foster long-term empowerment for them so that they can lead independent, fulfilling lives.

It was with this in mind that the Hoffmann Group Foundation was set up. In Peißenberg, Germany, we support the ORANGE HOUSE, a centre which develops and provides services for children and young people who come from difficult family backgrounds. Its concept is founded on the triple pillars of shared activities, therapy and readying its service recipients for the professional world, with a focus on providing courses that are designed to give them experience and build confidence in their own strengths and abilities. A workshop, indoor riding arena and other generously sized therapy rooms create space for therapeutic horseback riding; experiential education; art, music and dance therapy; and much more besides.

Inspired by the success that this creative and therapy centre has achieved, we are currently planning to set up the second ORANGE HOUSE, this time in Bremen. Not only that, but we also lend our support to the LEBENSRÄUME project – translating roughly as LIVING SPACE, this provides day care facilities for children and their mentally ill parents – plus the Grundmühle initiative for children with emotional and behavioural problems, located in the town of Hann. Münden.

Would you like to become a sponsor and help us with our work? We would love you to get involved.




The materials that are kindest to the environment are the ones that aren't used at all. That's why we handle our resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible, and why we uphold the strictest quality standards. We know that ensuring the financial success of our company over the long term means taking a rigorous approach to addressing environmental concerns. 

We are compliant with EN ISO 14001 and have this status reassessed by independent auditors on a regular basis.

Our commitment to the environment also includes creating environmentally friendly and socially responsible production conditions worldwide, using optimised packaging, logistics and transportation concepts, implementing state-of-the-art, environmentally compatible energy concepts in our company buildings, handling hazardous substances responsibly, and ensuring longevity by providing product quality at its peak.

Code of Conduct


Wir wollen höchsten Ansprüchen genügen. Auch menschlich. Da sollte ein ethisch einwandfreies, gesetzeskonformes Verhalten sämtlicher Hoffmann-Mitarbeiter eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein. Um sie bei der Einhaltung dieser Anforderungen zu unterstützen, haben wir den Code of Conduct erstellt. In ihm werden die maßgeblichen rechtlichen Vorschriften erläutert. Klar geregelt wird das Verhalten gegenüber Wettbewerbern, Kunden und Lieferanten – zum Beispiel in Hinblick auf das Verbot von Preisabsprachen sowie die Gewährung und Annahme von Vorteilen. Dieser Verhaltenskodex ist für alle Mitarbeiter bindend. Wir stellen ihn unseren verbundenen Unternehmen zur Verfügung und bitten sie, ähnliche Regeln einzuführen, damit die Erfüllung der Grundsätze unternehmensübergreifend gewährleistet wird.