The new GARANT Master UNI universal milling cutter HPC with wave profile also evacuates chips via targeted guidance of compressed air or rinsing. Source: Hoffmann SE.

The GARANT Master UNI milling cutter with wave profile shows high performance and process reliability in any material

24 Sep 2021

The new GARANT Master UNI solid carbide milling cutter HPC from the Hoffmann Group is a true all-rounder for all milling operations and materials. The unique feature of the four-flute cutter is the type of chip evacuation geometry. The flute has an additional wave profile, which enables more intensive chip evacuation via targeted guidance of compressed air or rinsing by coolant. As a result, the milling cutter delivers high process reliability and remains extremely powerful even when side milling high-alloy steels, titanium and duplex. When roughing and finishing at very high feed rates, the tool retains its impressively smooth cutting action due to the unevenly spaced cutting edges, and the optimised face geometry makes it a master at helix milling. In addition, the newly developed PVD coating facilitates chip evacuation and ensures outstanding tool life.

The design of the new GARANT Master UNI solid carbide milling cutter HPC not only makes it ideal for a very wide range of uses, including TPC processing, but also ensures particularly long tool life. This is achieved by specifically prepared cutting edges, rounded cutting edge corners and the high-performance PVD coating. The cutting edges promote uniform wear, while the rounding protects the cutting edge corners from breakout. To prevent premature tool breakage, the core diameter has been adapted, and a substrate has been used that is not just especially hard, but also tough and of high flexural strength. Therefore, the GARANT Master UNI solid carbide milling cutter HPC is the right tool for anyone in need of an high-performing all-rounder that can be used in a variety of operations.

The 'GARANT Master' product range was launched by the Hoffmann Group in 2015, with the aim of making high-performance machining even more productive with particularly powerful and reliable tools. The product range has been systematically expanded since then and offers state-of-the-art high-performance tools for various machining applications.

The GARANT Master UNI solid carbide milling cutter is available with immediate effect via the 2021/2022 Hoffmann Group catalogue, as well as via the eShop

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