Would you rather talk to an expert? You're not alone.

Our 1200 highly qualified specialist consultants possess outstanding expertise that you can benefit from in various ways – from a quick phone call to a more exhaustive, individual on-site consultation. Our specialist consultants receive intensive training on an ongoing basis, ensuring they are always kept abreast of the latest technology – and that gives us the tools to identify the perfect solution for you every time. But we don't just provide you with the best product: we also tell you the best way to use it, by giving you cutting data that ensures perfect machining, for instance, tips on time-saving clamping devices, or information on performing measurements with exceptional precision. Our specialist consultants have what it takes to track down the perfect solution for every situation. So if they don't already have it, they can find it.

The following specialists are ready to respond to your questions and tasks:

  • 570 external sales representatives, there to provide you with comprehensive expert advice covering everything from efficient tool procurement to lasting productivity enhancement.
  • Over 100 qualified specialists whose extensive experience can help you create reliable, cost-effective machining processes – and achieve outstanding results.
  • 40 measuring tool experts offering professional advice that does not favour any specific manufacturer – either at your premises or at one of our 10 demo centres. What you gain every time is a measuring tool solution that provides the ultimate in precision, maintaining your product quality standards.
  • 20 experienced consultants for workstations and storage equipment tailored to your needs.
  • 27 eBusiness experts who can help you optimise your process costs over the long term.

And if you need a quick answer to a technical problem you're facing, we have more than 400 experts available to speak to you via our various hotlines. So you can be sure that no question is left unanswered.