The "e" stands for efficient, easy and effective. The e-Business solutions of the Hoffmann Group.

We create lean procurement processes to make your life easier. Our eProcurement solutions have a direct impact on your process costs, reducing them and allowing you to save as much as 50% compared with conventional order processes.

In our eShop, for example, you'll find that searching for, selecting and ordering products, as well as placing follow-up orders, is just as quick and easy as our delivery and billing process.

With simple system – the free-of-charge procurement marketplace open to all – you have access more than 27.4 million articles from over 440 suppliers.

Of course, you can also access a whole range of different catalogues as well as individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to suit your requirements.

Thanks to our new eScanner, you can place repeat orders quickly and easily using a barcode on the tool or directly in your tool storage area.

Behind every solution is the same fundamental idea: less is more!

  • Less procurement stress and real cost savings at the same time.
  • Less paperwork and more service at the same time.
  • Less administration and more security and transparency at the same time.
  • Less scope for errors, meaning more process reliability.

So why not give our "e" solutions a try?