From left to right: The GARANT “comfort” safety shoe as a low shoe, a sandal and a boot.

On a firm footing with sandals and boots

27 Oct 2021

The GARANT “comfort” safety shoe is now not only available as a low shoe, but also as a sandal and as a boot. With its large mesh insert, the sandal keeps the feet comfortable, even on hot days. It is available in protection class S1 and in protection class S1P with penetration protection. Meanwhile, the GARANT “comfort” safety boot meets the requirements of protection class 3. It is manufactured without seams to protect the feet against penetration by water and, like all GARANT “comfort” safety shoes, also protects against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

In the “comfort” model of the GARANT safety shoe, a classic design is teamed with excellent wearing comfort. The resistant uppers material made of light microfibre and the breathable inner lining gently adapt to the shape of the foot. The shoe is available in two different widths, ensuring a good fit even for wearers with wider feet. The insole with its heel shock absorption is available in three different strength levels, and is selected depending on the wearer’s body weight. This enables the shoe to reduce the load on the knees and spine, making day-to-day working life significantly more comfortable. The GARANT comfort TPU anti-slip outer sole with “turning point” provides a firm footing in the workshop and factory, increasing safety.

All GARANT “comfort” safety shoes are available in sizes 36 to 48 and can be ordered from the eShop and the 2021/2022 Hoffmann Group catalogue.

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