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The new 2021/2022 catalogue from the Hoffmann Group comes into effect 1st August 2021.

Hoffmann Group presents the 2021/2022 catalogue

29 Jun 2021

With the publication if its 2021/2022 catalogue, the Hoffmann Group announces with immediate effect a two-year issuing cycle. The extension of the usage duration of the printed edition, which many customers refer to as the ‘orange bible’, will reduce paper consumption by about 1000 tonnes a year, and in addition avoid the CO2 emissions arising from transport. The new 2021/2022 catalogue offers a comprehensive range of quality tools, workstations and storage and personal protective equipment, amounting to more than 86,000 articles. It comes into effect on 1st August 2021. At that time all the articles will also be available in the eShop www.hoffmann-group.com. A total of around 110,000 articles are ready for immediate ex-stock delivery.

Martin Reichenecker, Sales & Marketing Director and Spokesperson for the Executive Board at Hoffmann SE, explains: “We asked our customers whether they could accept a longer usage duration for the catalogue, so that we could improve our ecological footprint. The proposal was welcomed by a clear majority. We are very pleased that our customers support our sustainability initiative. We will use the resources that are released to further develop our digital channels, so that we can offer our customers an even better service.”

The 2021/2022 Hoffmann Group catalogue includes articles from 500 manufacturers’ brands, together with the GARANT and HOLEX brands. Most of the new items (39%) are in the ‘machining and clamping technology’ range. For instance the product family ‘GARANT Master’, which brings together tools for high-performance machining, has been extended to include the first solid carbide drill for micro precision machining. The new GARANT Master Steel MICRO was developed for very high precision and stability coupled with the best possible performance; it offers an impressive central high-pressure cooling capability.

The range of ‘hand tools and measuring tools’ has been further extended: Bluetooth-capable tools of the Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT) product family, which wirelessly transmit measured data to a PC or to the HCT app on a smartphone are a particular highlight. The growing HCT family includes GARANT HCT digital calipers, HCT depth gauges and GARANT HCT electronic torque wrenches/rotational angle wrenches. Measurement tools from the Sylvac SA and the Bowers Group can also be used in conjunction with the app. Other manufacturers have already expressed interest in integrating their products into the HCT app.

The section ‘personal protective equipment’ has also grown substantially. This accounts for around a third of the new items. Around 500 new items have been added to the workstations and storage section, with attractive new products here too.

Whether it’s for machining, milling, drilling, turning, clamping, measuring, grinding, hand tools, workstations and storage or occupational safety equipment – in the Hoffmann Group catalogue, companies can find what they're looking for and can obtain everything from a single source – in 18 languages.

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