Hoffmann is celebrating its centenary in 2019. It is a good opportunity to look to the future, and to take a look back: Much of what makes the Hoffmann Group an expert system partner for quality tools today is derived from the company's history. That strong foundation is what has enabled us to achieve all that we have to date, and what will sustain our success into the future.



Full steam ahead

The family-led Hoffmann business has continually re-invented itself over the past 100 years: It has adapted to changing market conditions, anticipated new trends, and launched innovative products and services. As a system partner to industry, the Hoffmann Group continues to grow and develop, while remaining ever true to itself in spite of all the change. It has been helping to boost the productivity of its customers worldwide since 1919.


How the Hoffmann Group is preparing for the future

Based on the motto "Ever better" – embodied primarily by Franz Hoffmann himself – the Hoffmann Group works constantly to offer its customers ever more efficient and powerful products and services. The company is also utilising the opportunities offered by digitalisation in pursuing its goals – as a trader, a manufacturer, and a consultant. Optimised processes are speeding up delivery lead times for example. Intelligent tool management supports customers in production. The Hoffmann Group is also engaging with the latest technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and the associated challenges entailed by the processing of 3D printed components.


Analogue and digital customer support

Providing personalised support to all customers continues to be crucial to the Hoffmann Group – whether in analogue or digital form: This includes setting up the company's online shop, as well as maintaining a strong presence in person, visiting customers at their locations and engaging in dialogue with them at trade fairs and exhibitions. The Hoffmann name is a byword for excellent service and expert advice.


Quality driven since 1919

The centenary motto "Quality driven since 1919" expresses the company's all-encompassing quality commitment, reflecting what has been the foundation stone of its success and the corporate culture it has been practising for the last 100 years. This extends from the composition of the product portfolio, through the personalised advice provided to customers, through to the company's unique TÜV-certified delivery capability. The Hoffmann Group is also upholding its quality promise for the future, continually adapting its standards to changing market conditions in order to maintain its position as the preferred partner at its customers' side.

The best staff

Hoffmann is a traditional family business: It adopts a long-term approach – including to its labour relations. The company's identity and culture offers all employees a sense of stability which has proved a constant source of reassurance even in periods of economic difficulty. The employees of the Hoffmann Group are characterised by their pioneering spirit, their high standards of conduct in relation to colleagues and customers, and their diligent work performance.


Nothing more clearly explains the Hoffmann world today than our 100-year history. It has been marked by the personal commitment of the founding family, economic challenges, innovative developments, and the values of a true family business.


1919-1932: Beginnings in difficult times

In 1919, just a few months after the Weimar Republic is declared in Germany, Josef Hoffmann opens his sales agency selling "technical articles and metalwares" in Munich. He observes the market, and continually adapts his product range in order to help the business through the difficult period by regularly introducing new offers. Hoffmann's policy is not to offer the widest range on the market, but rather to sell specialist equipment – the best available on the market for each product group.


1932: Franz Hoffmann joins his father in the business

Franz Hoffmann dominates the history of the company for more than 60 years. Thanks to his pioneering spirit, the business grows steadily. His maxim that every aspect of the business should meet three criteria – simple, focused and useful – is applied to every area of the business, whether catalogue design, logistics or employee management. Like his father before him, at least in the early years he knows all the customers personally, and focuses consistently on their needs.

1936: The catalogue – the heart of the trading business

In 1936 Franz Hoffmann for the first time combines product listings from different manufacturers to create a bound in-house catalogue: The idea for the Hoffmann catalogue was born. Then in 1952 the first fully self-produced, designed and printed catalogue, containing the complete ex-stock product range, is issued. The catalogue is intended as a "technical advice reference" for the company's customers. The orange-coloured "Tool Bible" has been published yearly since 1978. In the centenary year 2019, the 50th issue will be published in 18 different languages, with a print run of 1.1 million copies.


1973: Hoffmann builds manufacturing expertise

The launch of the GARANT premium tool brand is a genuine innovation, and a key step towards becoming a system partner: The Hoffmann Group is now no longer just a trader, but also a manufacturer. The products impress by their innovation, functional design and top quality, while offering very good value for money. The Hoffmann Group currently ranks third among manufacturers of cutting tools in Germany, primarily thanks to its GARANT sales. A new quality tool brand, HOLEX, was launched in 1983, offering customers good industrial quality at an attractive price.

Left: Clamping technology then and now: 1985: "GARANT" parallel vice | 2019: GARANT Xpent 5-axis vice for maximum flexibility | right: Workstations and storage then and now: 1985: "GARANT" roller cabinet | 2019 GARANT Gridline Toolcar

1993: Founding of the Hoffmann Group

Since the early 1970s, Hoffmann has entered into licensing agreements with German partner companies enabling them to use the Hoffmann catalogue in whole or in part as the basis of their work. In 1993, based on the cooperation with German partners, the Hoffmann Group is founded. It has since then pursued a joint strategy, with a centralised purchasing function, enabling its customers to enjoy even more attractive offers than before. Moreover, the Group structure means all customers can be provided with personalised support on-site at their own location. Reflecting its increasing internationalisation, since 2003 the group has borne the English title "Hoffmann Group".

1995: Udover Tysklands grænser

Hoffmann Group udvikler sig konstant videre og voger skridtet over de tyske grænser. Første  licenspartnere i Spanien, Schweiz og Slovenien åbner vejen for virksomhedens internationalisering. Siden udbygges udlandshandlen kontinuerligt.


2000: Start af online-business

Som en af de første B2B-forhandlere tilbyder Hoffmann Group deres kunder i  2000 ca. 50.000 kvalitetsværktøjer via deres eShop på internettet. Siden bearbejdes og udvides online-shoppen kontinuerligt.

Logistik dengang og i dag

2009: Mest moderne logistik

I Nürnberg åbner 2009 Hoffmann Groups LogisticCenter, det dengang største og mest effektive logistikcentrum i Europa i hele branchen. For også fremover at kunne klare kravet til en meget moderne logistik, begynder 2018 bygningen af LogisticCity. LogisticCity bliver mere end „kun“ et lager und er det første skridt i retning af en digital forbindet logistik. LogisticCity personificerer dermed Hoffmanns pionerånd.



Altid meget tæt på kunderne – i hele verden.

• Mere end 3.000 medarbejdere i hele verden
69 afdelinger i over 50 lande
• 44 placeringer i Europa, 10 alene i Tyskland
• Over 1.400 fagrådgivere arbejder i hele verden
• Over 85.000 artikler i kataloget: GARANT, HOLEX, ca. 500 producentmærker
• Over 135.000 forretningskunder fra forskellige industrier i hele verden.


Faktorerne for Hoffmann Groups succes

I dag ligesom dengang står den kompetente og personlige rådgivning af kunderne i fokus. I Hoffmann kataloget finder du et bredt sortiment af kvalitetsværktøjer fra de bedste producenter på markedet, blandt andet på området spåntagning, opspændingsteknik, måleteknik og slibeteknik samt værkstedsindretning og personlige værnemidler. For disse produkter garanterer virksomheden en leveringsevne på 99 procent og en leveringspræcision på 99,9 procent. TÜV-certificeret!


Giv det bedste

Hoffmann Group kvalificerer mennesker, så de kan yde deres bedste. Det er virksomhedens krav. Og virksomheden stræber selv efter altid at blive en bedre. Som kompetent kontaktperson for deres kunder udvikler de sammen med dem individuelle løsninger for kvalitetsværktøj og værkstedsindreting. Hoffmann Group bliver ikke stående, men arbejder med passion på fremskridt – med innovative processer og tools samt de bedste medarbejdere. Personlig. Præcis. Med pionerånd.