MCD indexable inserts: High-gloss turning

Quickly produce glossy surfaces with GARANT MCD indexable inserts

Extend your production capabilities and increase the efficiency of your finishing processes with the GARANT MCD indexable inserts

High quality surfaces not only increase the visual appeal of components, the production of exceptionally smooth surfaces can often be necessary for technical reasons. The smoothness and surface quality that can be achieved using standard indexable inserts is limited to a certain accuracy. Often an additional process such as honing, lapping, grinding or polishing using specialised machines is necessary to achieve higher quality results. It is precisely in these instances that GARANT MCD indexable inserts can provide the solution. GARANT MCD (mono-crystalline diamond) allow quick and precise finish processing of non-ferrous metals and synthetic materials in just a single set-up. The resulting surfaces in many cases eliminate the need for subsequent finishing operations.


  • Subcontracting is not necessary. Achievement of high-quality and highly decorative surfaces with little effort.
  • No loss of contour. Geometries and dimensions are maintained exactly.
  • No loss of quality. Constant process reliability and assured reproducibility.
  • No special tools required. Mounted in standard ISO toolholders.
  • Machining can be performed without restrictive contours. Maximum flexibility with maximum precision.
  • Minimum storage costs. Great depth of range. A wide range of insert geometries, sizes and radii available ex stock.

Diamond cutting grade MCD

The natural diamond as well as the synthetically created diamond are referred to as mono-crystalline diamond (MCD). With a Moh's hardness of 10, on a scale of 1 to 10, diamond is the hardest naturally-occuring substance and is thus ideally suited to machining non-ferrous metals and synthetic materials. GARANT MCD indexable inserts are made from a sytheticall created single crystal. The unrivalled hardness combined with high homogeneity allows the production of highly precise, sharp cutting edges free of breakouts, for use in the areas of finish and superfinish.

Comparison of surface qualities

Practical example with article No. 26 5968 NS - maintaining transparency of the component.

MCD indexable insert
MCD cutting edges are free of breakouts and extremely sharp. Thus excellent surfaces can be achieved and precise component geometries can be accurately manufactured. The component remains transparent and the surface appears glossy, as if it had been polished. A subsequent finishing operation is not necessary. MCD indexable inserts are thus a quick and cost-effective solution if high demands are made of surface quality.

Standard indexable inserts
The cutting edges of PCD or standard indexable inserts are more rounded and therefore tend to rub and press. Abrasive particles in the component material damage the soft sintered binding phases and lead to breakouts. The surface appears milky and matt.

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GARANT MCD indexable inserts are available in three inserts shapes in various sizes and radii.

Customer opinion

Stiemert-Duschglas relies on GARANT MKD indexable inserts

"Thanks to the GARANT MKD indexable inserts, we now turn in a quality that makes polishing superfluous. This means that in-house production in Germany is once again just as cost-effective as buying in the parts from the Far East. In addition, we have considerable advantages as far as the entire processing in the company is concerned. We are much quicker to react and have the entire process in our own hands again." Stiemert managing director Markus Schwermer

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Further information

Special tools

In addition to our standard tools we also offer support in developing diamond tools to your specifications.

Regrinding service

To ensure optimum use of the MCD indexable inserts we recommend regular regrinding. This will substantially increase the life of the diamond.

The Hoffmann Group will support you with the following services:

  • Microscopic evaluation of the damaged cutting edges
  • Evaluation of the options for grinding or repair
  • Check of the insert seating
  • Creation of a quote
  • Grinding of the diamond cutting edges
  • Check of all cutting angles

Extensive range of indexable inserts for all areas of application:

In addition to the MCD indexable inserts the Hoffmann Group can offer an extensive range of other types of indexable insert. Our experts will gladly advise you on which product is right for your particular application.

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