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      Article no.: 079222

      Shut-off pulse wrench

      Brand: FUJI

      Shut-off pulse wrench

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      The models listed use the Fuji patented 2-blade pulse unit, combined with a double chamber motor. This combination offers a performance-to-weight ratio 50% better than comparable screw tightening tools. Optimised for ergonomic handling.
      The hydraulic pulse cell is the core element of a pulse wrench. If converts the torque delivered by the motor into pulsed impacts and amplifies them so that they become similar to the impacts delivered by the impact mechanism in an impact screwdriver. This eliminates the negative characteristics of metal-to-metal impacts in an impact screwdriver. Since all moving parts are surrounded by oil, the vibration and noise levels are low. Virtually no reactive torque is perceptible at the handle.
      Very sturdy and compact pulse wrench with pistol grip for a wide variety of assembly tasks. Reliable and accurate screw tightening due to integral pulse cell. With shut-off. Specified torque range, very low torque tolerances. Extremely precise due to high repetition accuracy and shut-off mechanism.
      Extremely low torque reaction at the handle, thanks to very short pulse cycle. In contrast to an impact screwdriver, the impulse tool has no metal-to-metal contact and delivers gentle and stable pulses.


      • less vibration.
      • lower noise level.
      • a longer working life than conventional impact wrenches.


      • For applications that require low noise and low vibration.
      • Outstandingly suitable for gentle screw tightening operations

      Supplied with:

      Screwdriver with rubber protective cap incl. suspension hook for spring suspension (balancer).
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