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      GARANT GridLine: Clearly structured work stations and storage systems


      GARANT GridLine stands for "E3 - Ergonomics, Efficiency, Emotion" in equipping modern workshops on a clearly planned basis and a common grid system. This creates a multitude of possibilities for combining and extending the system.
      Aesthetics and functionality are guaranteed, even if changes are made to the workshop equipment in the future.

      New furnishing concept allows flexible remodelling, without having to compromise on design

      Workstations and storage equipment of the new GARANT GridLine series with a modular principle allow individual combination of perfectly matched components. Cupboards have uniform external dimensions, dividing material fits into any drawer. All products are based on the same design principles: Useful, ergonomic, aesthetic. The products are user-friendly, easy to handle and visually appealing. And a functional and well designed workplace promotes employee motivation.

      To ensure that the new workstations and storage equipment easily fit into an already existing colour scheme, we have changed the standard colour for GARANT workstations and storage equipment from steel blue to anthracite. The subtle dark grey of the new workstations and storage equipment allows harmonious combination with already existing colours. In addition, there are the ten well-known colours available without surcharge. With GARANT GridLine the Hoffmann Group offers clear structures whilst still leaving plenty of space for individuality and future changes.


      Would you like to get to know the new GARANT GridLine products?

      Please contact your local Area Sales Representative, call us on +44 (0) 8704 176111 or send us an e-mail: ab.uk@hoffmann-group.com