New GARANT Master Steel MICRO solid carbide drill combines precision and efficiency in micro-cutting.

GARANT Master Steel solid carbide drill now also available as a microtool

5 Jul 2021

Since 2015, the ‘GARANT MASTER’ product family has been a byword for state-of-the-art high-performance cutting which is extremely technically sophisticated and reliable. With the new GARANT Master Steel MICRO solid carbide drill, the Hoffmann Group is expanding this product family into the micro precision machining field of application. The GARANT Master Steel MICRO is optimised for the machining of steel, but also impresses as an exceptionally powerful general-purpose tool for materials such as titanium and stainless steels. The solid carbide drill has been developed for very high precision and stability, along with optimum performance. It is available in a diameter range from 0.8 to 3 millimetres and in the lengths 8xD, 12xD and 20xD, and is supplemented by a suitable 5xD pilot drill version. The new GARANT Master Steel MICRO will be available from 1 August via the 2021/2022 Hoffmann Group catalogue, as well as in the eShop Diameters that deviate from the standard can be ordered via the semi-standard solution in the eShop.

The new GARANT Master Steel MICRO offers reliability right across the board. The tool ensures highly accurate centring and spot drilling with its special point geometry. The cutting edge is specially prepared and homogenised, which provides an optimal relationship between cutting speed and stability. The central high-pressure cooling is another special feature, as it extends over the total shank area and optimises the pressure and flow characteristics of the coolant flow. The result is maximised coolant flow right to the machining zone of the cutting edge. Lapped flute surfaces and the special geometry of the chip flutes ensure reliable evacuation of the chips, even for deep drilled holes with extremely small diameters. The tool range also includes a new GARANT Master Steel MICRO pilot drill whose face geometry, point geometry and point angle are coordinated exactly to the subsequent drilling tool. To ensure top precision and reliability, the Hoffmann Group recommends completely flushing out or blowing out the pilot drill of the subsequent tool before use, so that all chips are completely removed.

In contrast to conventional microdrills, the GARANT Master Steel MICRO has only two guide chamfers instead of four. These technical refinements reduce friction and wear without having to compromise to the tool’s guidance characteristics. An ultra-smooth AlCrN high-performance coating protects the tool aginst process heat and premature wear. In addition, an ultra micrograin substrate of the latest generation with a cobalt content of ten percent provides the required bending fracture rigidity and stability.

The GARANT Master Steel MICRO reliably drills down to the specified drilling depth, even at lower speeds of around 16,000 rpm. In the case of through hole drilling, the feed rate should be reduced by 50 percent when exiting the material. To ensure the required concentricity, the Hoffmann Group recommends using a shrink-fit or hydraulic chuck. In addition, a coolant pressure of at least 30 bar and filtration of the coolant are required.

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