Article no.: 231617

HiPer-Drill base body 10×D

Use for drilling limited cross-drilling
Shank ISO 9766
Through-coolant yes
Use for drilling limited drilling through a stack
Use for drilling limited oblique spot drilling
Use for drilling limited drilling with oblique exit
Drill depth up to 10×D

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  • Very high feed rates and maximum performance due to optimally matched geometries and materials.
  • Precise positioning of the cutter insert due to Vee insert seating and secure clamping by the centre bore.
  • High concentricity when assembled.
  • Shank support for optimum stability in operation.

Polished flutes.


For stationary and rotating use. For holes up to IT9 accuracy.


Clamp in a hydraulic chuck (such as No. 302026 size 20) for optimum radial run-out.
For optimum stability, clamp the drill so the overhang is as short as possible.
Further sizes up to ⌀ 50.99 mm available on request.
The insert screw must be replaced after every fifth change of cutter insert.
Reduce feed rates f by 10 % and vc values by 30 %.
For process reliability when using the drill, initial pilot drilling to 1.5×D with the drill No. 231600 with the same cutter insert size and type is necessary. The generation of a pilot hole improves process reliability.

Technical Data

Drill depth up to
ISO 9766
Use for drilling
limited cross-drilling; limited drilling through a stack; limited drilling with oblique exit; limited oblique spot drilling
Type of product
Indexable drill

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