Change inserts with a single touch.

Expansion for GARANT modular axial grooving system

30 Mar 2021

Hoffmann Group have substantially expanded their modular axial grooving system. New grades for aluminium, steel and stainless steel offer cutting widths from 3 to 8 millimetres and can cut to groove depths reaching 100 millimetres – groove widths formerly achievable were 1 to 4 millimetres with groove depths so far reaching only 18 millimetres. A new clamping system additionally improves process reliability with the cutting pressure adding to insert clamping force. This guarantees seating even at maximum loads. The single-side inserts are available in the four system sizes medium, medium plus, heavy duty and heavy duty plus.

Axial grooving requires particularly high process reliability. This is why Hoffmann Group have invented an innovative clamping system in which the indexable insert is stabilised not only by a large insert stop but also by the cutting pressure generated during machining. This way, the system maintains one hundred percent process reliability even with intermittent cutting. A clever quick-change system enables users to switch inserts at a single touch: all they need to do is slot the corresponding assembly key into the holder blade and turn it through at least 90 degrees.

The required toolholders come in three sizes and with a shaft square of 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 millimetres. They’re changed using only three countersunk screws; these guarantee greatest stability through a triangle of forces. Alignment pins ensure quick, correct positioning. Retooling has never been easier. Because the cutting mechanism has very high repetition accuracy, users also don’t need to perform recalibration measurements so long as the tool holder has already been configured in the tool memory. The expanded system this way offers not only noticeably improved performance, retooling times are also much shorter.

The modular GARANT axial grooving system is available in the Hoffmann Group eShop starting right now:

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