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Universal taps

GARANT Master Tap for high process reliability and economic production


Universal, economic, with good process reliability:
Discover the entirely newly developed tap GARANT Master Tap - first choice for thread cutting.

Our new all-rounder GARANT Master Tap covers a comprehensive spectrum of materials. Due to the unique combination of high-quality tool material, innovative geometry and latest coating technology, the taps offer enormous performance capability in a wide range of materials, coupled with very high process reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Experience real innovation


Developed for very high performance in thread cutting:

1. Optimised geometry of the back of the teeth: Ensures performance with high process reliability in a very wide range of materials. Cuts up the chips optimally and polishes the chip root.
2. Specifically rounded-off cutting edges: For optimum chip formation from the first thread.
3. Optimum chip evacuation due to special flute geometry.
4. New cutting edge geometry: Permits use across a wide spectrum of materials.
5. Innovative AlTiX coating: For optimum wear behaviour. Reduces the cutting forces.
6. Green ring: For general applications.
7. High-quality tool material of HSS-E-PM. Homogeneous structure.

All-round talent


GARANT Master Tap – the all-round talent for perfect tapped holes.
The GARANT Master Tap family combines very high process reliability with maximum universality.
Be it steel, stainless steel, aluminium or cast ironthe special geometry ensures optimum chip formation. This universality reduces your tool variety and at the same time improves your efficiency.



Chip formation:
1. A newly developed flute geometry ensures perfect chip formation and chip evacuation even under various cutting parameters:

Process reliability:

2. Competitors
3. GARANT Master Tap: Thread tapping to good process reliability without loose and twisted swarf. The particularly stable geometry of the back of the tooth ensures reliable cutting off at the chip root.


Universal geometry:

4. The optimised flute geometry and precisely matched honing of the cutting edges guarantee good process reliability even in cast iron.

Wear resistance:

5. Competitors: Cutting edge wear after 800 threads.
6. GARANT Master Tap: Cutting edge wear after 800 threads.
The HSS-E-PM tool material in conjunction with the new AlTiX high-performance coating provide impressively long tool life.



7. Thanks to its special guide thread section the GARANT Master Tap achieves precise results even in ductile copper alloys and avoids any axial overcutting in the tapping process.


8. Competitors
9. GARANT Master Tap: The smooth surface structure of the new high-performance coating permits high cutting speeds in wrought aluminium alloys. The reduced friction values avoid material adhesions and galling.

Product video

GARANT Master Tap in action

GARANT Master Tap in action

A tool for many applications:

This video will show you what is possible in various materials.

Products and further information

All products of the GARANT Master Tap family can be found in our eShop:

For further information about the taps and their areas of application please see our brochure "Top performance for greater efficiency":