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Item no.: 499356

Digital display

Brand: Mitutoyo
Reversible reading mm / Inch
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Digital display

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Easy-to-operate display unit for connection to linear measurement systems. Display range: 8 digits and sign (−), mains connection: 220 Volt.


Zero setting, changing the counting direction, mm / inch changeover. Halving the displayed value, ABS / INC coordinate switching, addition / subtraction, pitch circle calculation, programmable. Comprehensive calculation functions: (+, −, ×, ÷, COS, SIN, TAN, ARC, √, π), function buttons for milling machines and lathes, hole sequence machining.

Supplied with:

Mains cable (2 m) and spare fuse.

Optional extras:

Quick setting unit (RS 232, USB, Digimatic input) for sensing the workpiece offset, linear scale No. 499240.

Technical Data

Reversible reading
mm / Inch