Measuring tools linked to production for reliable machining results


Our experts calibrate 2500 tools every day – so you are sure to benefit from the experience and expertise that our workforce offers. We also provide an efficient pick-up and delivery service designed to save you time, so that you can get your measuring tools back up and running again as quickly as possible.

We put Germany's largest calibration laboratory, providing comprehensive, expert services, at your disposal. Whether you need test tool management software, calibration software, special services, repairs, adjustments or anything else besides.

Our accreditation by German accreditation body DAkkS allows you to have confidence in our services and means that our processes are subjected to close scrutiny on a regular basis: this not only verifies the processes that take place within the company, but also places particular emphasis on ensuring that calibration is being performed to the correct metrological standards. So you can be sure that your measuring results are something to rely on.