GARANT 90° high-precision countersink

A new quality of countersinking

A standard countersink (without unequal spacing) will often lead to uneven running during countersinking. The tool begins to chatter, leading to uneven load on the cutting edges. The torsion moment increases considerably, resulting in substantial load peaks at the cutting edges. The result, apart from corrugated surfaces or lack of concentricity when countersinking, is a significant reduction in tool life.

The new GARANT high-precision countersink (countersink set No. 15 0305 - available from 1st August 2015) solves this problem. The extremely uneven spacing excludes the possibility of tool chatter. This results in equal and greatly reduced loads on each cutting edge. Tool life is increased significantly and perfect surfaces are achieved.

The force applied to the GARANT 90° high-precision countersink 150305 remains virtually constant, from starting countersinking to withdrawing the tool. This puts much less stress on to the tool, and further increases the tool life significantly.

Reduction of the axial forces by 50% (lower feed force).


  • Extremely unequal spacing for smooth countersinking in all materials (green ring / colour code)
  • Significantly reduced axial and radial forces
  • Special TiAlN coating
  • Long tool life
  • Exact, concentric countersinking with perfect surfaces

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