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      Personal protective equipment for winter


      The 3-layer principle.

      Anyone who wants to power through their work needs to feel comfortable. Freezing, sweating, wet skin or unpleasant odours are therefore not wanted. The ideal combination of individual layers of clothing and materials allows you to work in maximum comfort.

      1. Reliable (weather protection):
      Breathable outer layer of sturdy, easy-care material is the perfect protection
      against rain, wind and cold.
      2. Warm (insulation):
      Insulating intermediate layer protects the body against cooling down and dissipates
      moisture away.
      3. Dry (moisture transport):
      Base layer for optimum transport of moisture. Ensures the body stays dry,
      even during strenuous work.

      The clear advantage: Depending on the weather conditions you can remove a layer or add a layer.


      Material that will protect you

      1. PRIMALOFT® insulation. Alternative to down.
      The infinite life insulation fibre which not only keeps you warm but is a waterproof alternative to down. Originally developed for the US military this innovative fibre is now also incorporated into high-quality work clothing.

      2. POLARTEC® fleece. Active temperature regulation.
      Lightweight fleece material characterised by high breathability and outstanding thermal insulation. In addition the products have an especially long life, can be compressed and are quick-drying.

      3. LIFA® functional fibres. Perfect protection against moisture.

      LIFA® is an ultra-light fibre used for functional underwear and which is characterised by outstanding moisture wicking properties. The light-weight insulating material is worn under the normal outer clothing and ensures the body stays warm and dry.

      4. CORDURA® reinforcement. Robust. Durable. Flexible.
      Cordura® nylon materials are extremely abrasionresistant, tear-resistant and wear-resistant. The particularly durable material protects the wearer and increases the working life of textiles.

      5. 3M™ reflective material. High visibility.
      3M is the pioneers in the development of reflective materials and offers high-quality solutions using reflective products such as 3M™ Scotchlite™. Reflective textiles ensure the wearer is more visible in poor lighting conditions

      6.YKK® zip fastener. High-quality closure.
      YKK® is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality innovative zip fasteners and closures. With its wide range of products, YKK® offers the right solution for every requirement.


      Rain protection

      Category 1
      Basic – for all work that occasionally requires rain protection.

      Category 2
      Comfort – rugged rain protection with breathable elements
      and enhanced comfort.

      Category 3
      Extreme – for working in extreme environments which demand additional
      high visibility protection.

      Water columns, ISO 811 and JIS LIS L 1092-B1
      Specifies the water pressure that the fabric can withstand.
      10,000 mm is equivalent to the pressure at a depth of ten metres
      or the pressure within a fire hose.