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Press Releases

7 Ιουλ 2015

The key to the Hoffmann Group product world

1st August is the date the sector has been waiting for, the release of the new Product Catalogue from the Hoffmann Group. Alongside the printed version there is an on-line version for the newly created eShop – the perfect duo for a comprehensive purchasing experience. The new 46th issue of the catalogue lists 4,329 new items. The fields of machining and clamping alone are assigned more than 2,700 new items. In total the company offers more than 65.000 quality tools from the world's leading manufacturers and the exclusive GARANT premium brand.


The 46th issue of the Product Catalogue and the newly created eShop are the perfect companions for tool procurement.
18 Μαϊ 2015

More quickly to the next clamping

With the GARANT TopCut modular solid carbide milling system, the Hoffmann Group offers a high-precision face and taper seating system. This allows achievement of large increases in productivity with an extremely inexpensive outlay, since the milling head has simply to be screwed into the existing arbor.


GARANT TopCut_Titel.jpg
The new GARANT Top-Cut system from the Hoffmann Group offers very high flexibility and increases productivity by massively reduced downtimes.
7 Απρ 2015

The brand new eShop from the Hoffmann Group

The Hoffmann Group has completely redesigned its online shop. From 7th April 2015, customers will be able to access all information, services and the company's new eShop on one page – www.hoffmann-group.com. Thanks to a simplified ordering process, the online Shop is much more user-friendly. As a result, Europe's number one supplier of quality tools can further expand its range within the e-commerce industry.


Neuer eShop-Teaser.jpg
From 7th April 2015, the Hoffmann Group will merge all company information, services as well as the new eShop under one website at www.hoffmann-group.com.
12 Φεβ 2015

Hoffmann Group perfects GARANT workstation family

For reasons of effectiveness and efficiency, it is essential for all work and production facilities to be systematic, flexible and orderly. With the further development of the GARANT workstation, the Hoffmann Group is launching another innovation in the field of ergonomic and flexible workstation layout.


With its individuality and flexibility, the GARANT Workstation provides the perfect environment for pleasant and efficient working.
16 Ιαν 2015

Hoffmann Group and SCHUNK to work together on clamping technology

With SCHUNK, the Hoffmann Group has gained a famous partner for clamping technology. The products will appear for the first time in the Hoffmann Group catalogue to be issued in August.


Drehfutter mit Spannbacken_klein.jpg
The next Hoffmann Group catalogue will include: Lathe chucks and chuck jaws from SCHUNK.