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      Hch. Perschmann GmbH
      Hauptstraße 46 d
      38110 Braunschweig

      Postfach (P.O. Box): 8244
      38132 Braunschweig

      Tel.: +49(0)5307 933-100
      Fax: +49(0)5307 933-152

      Sales Office Berlin:
      Hch. Perschmann GmbH
      Am Studio 2E
      12489 Berlin

      Founded: April 1866

      Managing Partner:
      Justus Perschmann

      Company Management:
      Horst Lanzke – Commercial Department
      Michael Uphaus – Purchasing and Logistics
      Frank Haberstock – Sales

      Members of the Advisory Board:
      Prof. Dr. Joachim Hurth (Chairman)
      Christian Uphaus
      Lubert Winnecken

      Services: Advice, Sales, Technical Support/Service, Logistics

      Since 1991 branch in Berlin
      Since 1997 subsidiary in Poland, Poznan

      Employees 2014:
      Hch. Perschmann GmbH: 263 employees
      Perschmann Sp. z o. o.: 51 employees

      Sales structure: External Sales, Internal Sales, Metrology Experts, Field Application Engineers, Workstations & Storage Consultants, as well as eBusiness (electronic marketplaces, shop systems, direct connections).

      Turnover 2014:
      Hch. Perschmann GmbH: approx. € 75 Mio.
      Perschmann Sp. z o. o.: approx. € 19 Mio.