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Our Purpose: Enabling people to perform at their best.

Founded in 1919, we are a leading provider of a superior range of quality tools and equipment as well as related consulting and services to improve the performance of our global customer base. 

This profile is no coincidence. It corresponds to our company culture that creates the foundation for our sustainable success – and that’s a great reason to keep nurturing this culture.


Our purpose

Enabling people to perform at their best. 

That is, despite all changes, what Hoffmann has been all about ever since the foundation of our company in 1919 – people. And people will continue to take center stage in everything we do: our customers, whom we want to enable to perform at their best, and our colleagues, with whom we want to perform at our best together. 

Our values

Our attitude: Pioneering

We confidently lead the way, create new things and do not rest on what we have achieved. We revive our pioneering spirit even more strongly and develop innovative products and solutions that are truly unique.

Our style: Personal

We appreciate the value of a trusting cooperation. We pay great attention to the needs of our customers and advocate for them personally. We value and respect the perspectives of our colleagues. Everything we do, we do with strong passion. 

Our performance: Precise

Our performance in a nutshell: precision work. We stand for excellent products and German Engineering with absolute delivery reliability and dependability. We ensure simple processes and a product portfolio tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Hoffmann Group - Image Clip

Hoffmann Group - Image Clip

We rely on a cooperation based on trust, listen attentively and communicate respectfully. Our work is based on transparency and passion.