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      GARANT centring vice

      Modular GARANT clamping system for 5-axis machining.


      The new GARANT high-pressure vice is multifunctional and offers simple handling. The revolutionary clamping concept, which does not clamp through compression but through tension, guarantees high repetition accuracy and minimal lifting of the workpiece (0.01 mm). This device is distinguished by particularly stiff clamping modules of tempered steel and a clamping force of up to 40 kN. It is available as a centring vice and multi-clamp in various lengths, thermo-chemically surface hardened and perfect for true 5-face machining. Variable clamping and an adjustment range of 200 - 800 mm, clamping stroke 20 mm. Flexible handling due to versatile options of securing the vice to the machine table. Whether with the GARANT ZeroClamp zero point clamping system, with stepless adjustable clamps or with a T-nut, the vice is simple and fast to install.


      Many bench vices clamp through compression, which means the base plate of a conventional vice is subject to bending stress. Forces are transferred into the machine table, which can have negative effects if there is high clamping compression. Furthermore, the clamped workpiece may lift off the guideway.

      To avoid these disadvantages, the GARANT high-pressure vice clamps through tension. This creates a closed circuit of force from workpiece to spindle / shaft and bending of the base plate is avoided. Negative effects for the machine table are also avoided. The workpiece only lifts minimally off the machine table and consistent clamping results can be achieved.


      The advantages are depicted in the graphics on the right.


      1. Consistent clamping results – high repetition accuracy; minimal lifting of the workpiece.
      2. Uniform force distribution – no slumps or decreases in clamping forces.
      3. Fully closed circuit of force – reliable, consistent initiation of torque to generate clamping force through tension.
      4. Force compensation – the nut on the multi-spline shaft ensures interconnection between the shaft and clamping modules. The result is a closed circuit of force. Important for consistently good clamping results.



      Every year, the Industry Forum Design in Hanover awards those products with the If Design Award which combine functionality, workmanship and design in a distinct way and which fulfill the requirements made of innovations.

      We are pleased to have received this award for the GARANT centring vice.

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