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      GARANT ladders

      Highly functional and ergonomic stepladders by GARANT.


      Reach new heights

      GARANT access technology – ergonomics, safety and useful additional features. 

      The new GARANT access technology offers highly functional and ergonomic aluminium stepladders in an appealing anthracite design, powder-coated.

      The GARANT aluminium stepladders have 80 mm deep steps with anti-slip coating and a permanent tread-stile connection, flanged

      But GARANT offers more: With the GARANT Easyfix holder your tools will always be within easy reach, the EasyHandle makes ergonomic and balanced carrying of the ladder possible, the treads' nonslip coating GripStep and the ladder's nonslip end caps BalanceBase offer increased safety on every rung.


       1. Easyfix holder:
      •  Safe and ergonomic working with hand tools.
      •  Different Easyfix hooks and holders can be fitted for various applications.  

      2. EasyHandle:
      •  The soft handle gives ergonomic and balanced carrying comfort.
      •  The integrated rail locking device keeps the rails firmly locked during carrying.
      •  Of temperature resistant plastic for easy handling.  

      3. GripStep:
      •  Certified cover for the steps with rubber profile fulfils anti-slip requirements.
      •  Custom-fit, efficient and durable.
      •  Tested improvement of nonslip properties in wet and oily environments.
      •  Easy fixing without the need for tools by simply clipping into place.  

      4. BalanceBase:
      •  Balancing, nonslip ladder end caps.
      •  The flexible joint ensures full contact with the ground.

      5. Storage tray:
      •  Comfortable and effortless storage of tools within easy reach.




      GARANT Easyfix hooks and holders



      Everything that makes working on GARANT stepladders even easier – GARANT Easyfix hooks and holders:

      Easy: Can be fitted without the need for tools, removal with just one hand.
      Solid: Firm and secure hold without screw connections.
      Clear: Clearly arranged and well structured, the right tool will always be ready to hand.