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      GARANT Power Q High feed rate milling cutters

      The best performance at the highest feed rates.


      GARANT Power Q: The new family of high feed rate milling cutters provides best performance at the highest feed rates.
      The newly formed GARANT high-feed family impresses with maximum process reliability – at the highest feed rates. Perfectly matched substrates and geometries guarantee optimum performance in real-world applications.

      The advantages at a glance


      1. Hard nickel coating: Avoids corrosion and damage on the tool surface.
      2. Stability: Process-safe machining even with large overhangs.
      3. Coolant holes: Standard design with internal cooling.
      4. Insert seating: Optimised axial and radial support for every milling application.


      Two-part face cutting edge radius:
      Allows increased productivity, large depths of cut (ß) and thin chips (a).

      Large clearance angle:

      • optimum chip evacuation
      • perfect performance even in deep cavities (circular interpolation, ramping)
      • advantages for contour-following machining

      Equipped for every application



      Application, component, machine, material – your production is always individual.

      1. Application: Pocket milling, tool: Power Q with thread, 212804_20/3, insert: XOMT060310ZZSR, 212819 ST900
      2. Application: Contour slot, tool: Power Q with thread, 212809_32/3 insert: XDMT090416ZDSR, 212860 ST900
      3. Application: Conical circular interpolation milling, tool: Power Q with thread, 212809_32/3, insert: XDMT090416ZDSR, 212860 ST900
      4. Application: Plunging, tool: Power Q with bore, 212817_50/4, insert: XDMT120516ZDSR, 212887 ST900