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      Broaching in perfect form.

      Stable and precise for more productivity in turning work.


      Discover GARANT broaching.
      Achieve very high precision with low tooling costs and low set-up costs.

      Very wide variety: Cutter inserts for slot widths from 2 - 25 mm (normally only up to 14 mm available on the market). Available in tolerances C11, D10, H7 and P9. Slot generation can be performed to DIN 6885-1, DIN 138 and factory standard.

      Productivity due to extra strong cutter inserts: Increased stability and process reliability.
      6.5 - 18 mm (normally only up to 6 mm available on the market). Sintered steel alloy (70 HRC), 13% cobalt, TIN-coated.

      Broaching - Advance into new dimensions


      1. Wide product range
      Standard and long version. Working length of 25 - 200 mm.

      2. Customised solutions
      Available on request on short  lead times.

      3. Two cooling channel bores
      Optimisation of chip evacuation. Increased surface quality. Cooling of the cutters.

      4. Stable tool design
      Insert seating hardened (58 - 60 HRC). Optimum seating of the cutter insert due to 4-point contact. Centring by Vee shape. Maximum support and continuous backing for highest stability.


      Superior to the competition when making direct comparisons.

      An analysis of machining forces by the Forschungs- und Transferzentrum e. V. (Research and Transfer Centre) confirms uniform force progression for GARANT broaching. Additionally, the quality of the workpiece surface remains consistently good.

      Left column GARANT:
      Smooth slot as well as sharp edges and exact corners with GARANT.

      Right column competitor:
      Clear chatter marks and inexact corners.
      Uneven machining forces.


      Highest precision – even without a Y-axis.

      All slots can be generated on a conventional CNC lathe. The highest standards of fit, slot profile and width require a lathe with a Y-axis or just the special patented eccentric bush for the broaching toolholder.

      Inaccuracies due to tolerance chains can lead to symmetry errors.Uncomplicated and quick correction of the y-axis is possible by turning the eccentric bush (s. image at the top, right-hand side).

      Advanteges GARANT broaching



      The advantages of GARANT broaching:

      1. Clean slot. Sharply cut edges without burrs. Cutting inserts can also include a chamfer. (Broaching into a blind hole requires a suitable relief groove!)
      2. Avoidance of cutter breakage. Sintered steel alloy with 13 % cobalt. (Programme a lead-in travel of 15 mm!)
      3. Ideal application of force and easy clearance of the swarf. (Install the tool overhead!)
      4. Two cooling channel bores for wet machining. Better surface, better chip evacuation and protection of the cutter.
      5. Guaranteed dimensional accuracy when the eccentric bush is used. (Idle stroke at the end of the cut!)
      6. Lower cutting forces due to durch the highly positive cutter geometry. (From slot width 16 mm, cut the slot in two passes (1/2 slot width!))
      7. Avoidance of scores on the return stroke. The least possible bore Ø (the holder must suit the slot width).
      (During the return stroke in X-axis lift the cutter completely out of the slot!)
      8. Reduction of vibration due to full length support. (Clamp on the shortest mounting!)

      Product video

      GARANT broaching

      GARANT broaching

      GARANT broaching means more productivity in turning. The range extends from stable tool designs through to special solutions on short lead times.

      Small modifications - big impact: this film will show you tips and tricks relating to the subject of broaching and how you can achieve very high precision with low tooling and set-up costs.

      Products and further information

      All GARANT broaching products can be found in our eShop.