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      GARANT HB 7020 customer review

      Innovative insert with its utopian cutting parameters is inspiring.


      Staff at Druckguss Service Deutschland (a company producing special purpose machinery, especially die-casting machines) in Lübeck are enthusiastic about the GARANT HB 7020 turning grade. It enabled them to reduce throughput times alone by up to 30 percent.

      With their 130 highly qualified staff members, decades of experience and state-of-the-art technologies in such fields as welding technology, the Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH (DSD) in Lübeck can rightly call itself Europe’s largest service company for die-casting machines. In order to maintain this high standard, DSD is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and optimise its production processes, such as reducing the throughput times. Timm Hennig, application engineer at the Hoffmann Group, recently tested the brand-new GARANT turning grade HB 7020 at DSD.


      Michael Wächtler who, as Production Manager, takes responsibility for the turning shop, was extremely surprised by the performance of the new grade: "Normally, I initially try to destroy the tool" he states with a smile. "I wasn’t able to do that in this case. On the contrary, we managed to achieve almost utopian cutting parameters with the HB 7020, especially for high cutting speeds. The higher the speed, the better the insert worked."

      The new sharp-edged and robust turning grade GARANT HB 7020 has a perfect example in nature – the shark tooth. The insert’s multilayer coating system makes it possible to achieve maximum cutting parameters and maximum reliability due to a tailor-made, innovative gradient carbide substrate – similar to a shark tooth with a hard exterior and an elastic core. DSD uses the HB 7020 mainly for steels of the series S355, but good results are also achieved for 42CrMo4 and for machining brass. The results are truly impressive, says Mister Wächtler: "With the new insert, we have reduced our throughput times by up to 30 percent. With the best insert we even managed to achieve a tool life of four hours, and this at a cutting speed of almost 400 metres."


      Nowadays the HB 7020 is being used on a daily basis by DSD, having become an integral part of their production. "I used to order the first inserts individually“, says Wächtler, “but today I have stocks of the HB 7020."

      The GARANT insert HB 7020 is impressive not only because of its high cutting speeds in steel but also because of its extremely high wear resistance. To illustrate this point Mister Wächtler draws a comparison: "A standard insert has a service life of between 15 and 20 minutes. After this, the cutting edge is worn. If I now assume a maximum service life of four hours for a GARANT insert, I would have used 16 cutting edges of my previous insert during the same period of time. This means that nowadays we only require one insert instead of four."

      DSD has been successfully cooperating with the Hoffmann Group for many years. This applies to the workshop area as well as to the machining department. "We are always willing to try out new tools," concludes Wächter  "because these products have, as a rule, always convinced us."

      Product video

      Turning grade GARANT HB7020

      Turning grade GARANT HB7020

      The new GARANT high performance cutting tool material HB7020 for maximum wear resistance - inspired by nature.

      On course for expansion


      Druckguss Service Deutschland

      Druckguss Service Deutschland GmbH is a globally oriented company of special purpose machinery manufacture (especially die-casting machines) in Lübeck, which provides the latest manufacturing technology in excellent quality. For this purpose it is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The company is specialized in the production of heavy and large components, but also smaller components are in safe hands. The certified welding department provides an extensive range of welding technologies, welding constructions, repair welding, plating and hard facing.

      In no other service company in the industry will you find such core competencies under one roof! And DSD keeps on expanding: on 4th November 2015 a new 800 m² hall was inaugurated! It houses a SHW UniForce 8, one of the largest portal milling machines of its kind. It can be used to machine components of up to 6.50 metres in diameter and up to 12 metres in the longitudinal axis – from such areas as die-casting, marine and wind energy.

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