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      GARANT torque wrench

      Electronic torque wrench with digital dial gauge display.



      The next generation of torque wrench.
      With the new electronic GARANT torque wrench with dial gauge display the Hoffmann Group is introducing the first dial gauge combined with digital display onto the market. Thanks to the TFT colour display taking a reading has become much more comfortable and reading errors are minimized. The GARANT torque wrench achieves an accuracy of ±2%

      The high-precision digital torque wrench, with a body of chrome-plated steel and an integral reversible ratchet with ejector, is ideal for controlled single tightening of screws and for control measurements.


      Keeping an eye on precision

      1. LED display
      The green LED is illuminated: USB connection is established. Red LED is illuminated: The torque wrench is charging. Red LED is off: Charging is complete.





      2. TFT colour display
      Due to the combined digital and analogue display, reading errors are minimized in comparison to conventional dial gauges. The current torque (track) is displayed by the dial and a numeric value. After tightening, the peak value continues to be shown as an analogue and a digital display. 

      3. Battery charge level display
      The remaining battery charge is shown on the battery charge display. To save power, the brightness of the screen is dimmed after approx. 30 seconds of inactivity. As soon as force is exerted the display returns to normal brightness. After approx. 2 minutes of inactivity the torque wrench switches off automatically.



      4. Battery cover
      The battery of the electronic torque wrench is easily changed. 

      5. Ergonomic handle with calibration point
      Optimized handle design for optimum use of power and comfortable grip. 

      6. On / reset button
      Intuitive operation via only one ON and Reset button.  

      7. Mini USB connection
      The battery can be charged via this connection with the supplied mini USB cable. 

      8. Buzzer
      An acoustic signal sounds as a warning shortly before the wrench's maximum torque is reached (overload protection). 

      9. Reversible ratchet with ejector

      The pricing is also very appealing: Despite all the innovations the GARANT torque wrench with digital dial gauge is no more expensive than a conventional mechanical dial gauge with analogue display.