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      GARANT CerRapid – fast, effective, sharp.


      1. High performance ceramic grain
      Self-sharpening ceramic grain (CER) has decisive advantages compared to conventional grain types Aluminium Oxide (A) or Zirconium Aluminium Oxide (ZA). Due to its microcrystalline structure new, sharp cutting edges are continuously exposed even when only little pressure is applied. The self-sharpening grain allows cooler grinding and outstanding grinding performance (see illustration No.1).


      2. Optimum binding system
      The level of performance of the ceramic grain only becomes fully apparent in combination with the specially developed, innovative binding system. This achieves the optimum balance between ceramic grain / bond structure to withstand cutting forces and the best time for the points to break off. This way it is possible to make full use of the available grinding performance whilst still achieving maximum service life (see cross section rough grinding disc, illustration No. 2).

      Your advantages with this tool


      Maximum productivity and efficiency 

      Grinding more faster   
      Maximum grinding performance: most aggressive and fast grinding performance allows higher material removal or more separating cuts in a significantly shorter period of time. This saves time and labour costs

      Better results
      Continuously self-sharpening grain and significantly cooler grinding means better surfaces / almost burr-free cutting and reduction of the thermal load on the workpiece (e.g. for machining stainless steel).
      Cost- and labour-intensive reworking is minimized.  

      More comfortable working
      Less pressure required means less operator effort and soft grinding characteristics, therefore protecting man and machine

      Reduced tool wear
      Self-sharpening ceramic grain and an optimized wear-resistant binding system allows very long tool life with optimum performance throughout the tool’s service life. This reduces tool wear and minimizes tool changeover times.

      Products and further information

      You can find all GARANT CerRapid products here.