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      Article no.: 082960

      Red dye penetrant, KD-Check RDP-1 500 ml

      Brand: Karl Deutsch
      Labelling of hazardous substances GHS02 flammable
      Labelling of hazardous substances GHS07 caution
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      Red dye penetrant, KD-Check RDP-1 500 ml

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      Version - image:

      Dirty crack
      Application of red dye penetrant.
      Intermediate cleaning
      Wet developer application
      Crack detection


      The crack detection fluid allows non-destructive testing for surface cracks and pores, using the dye penetrant method. Virtually all metallic and non-metallic material surfaces (steel, plastic, aluminium, brass) can be tested in this way. This crack detection method is approved to DIN EN ISO 3452; in accordance with TRGS 614. This dye penetrant method requires no additional media.
      The red dye penetrant seeps into cracks by capillary action. The processing time (5 - 10 minutes) depends on the crack / pore geometry.


      Not available in all countries. Express delivery not possible.