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      Article no.: 082726

      Flow drilling set - flat including fluteless taps M5-M8

      Brand: Flowdrill
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      Flow drilling set - flat including fluteless taps M5-M8

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      The polygon contour of the carbide flow drill generates frictional heat which plasticises all types of metal materials. This allows closed apertures to be created in a variety of thicknesses of materials, without chips, in just a few seconds.


      • Large savings of time and costs compared to conventional processes (such as drawn-on nuts).
      • Generates no chips or swarf; supersedes rivet nuts, weld nuts and press nuts.
      • Solid basis for threads with high pull-out forces.
      • For all popular material thicknesses and thread sizes (threads to DIN 13).


      Other versions and sets for special applications (such as for thin sheet metal) available on request. For suitable fluteless taps see items No. 139115 ff.