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      Article no.: 082940 BIO

      Component cleaning device BIO

      Brand: KÄRCHER
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      Component cleaning device BIO

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      Component cleaner of high-quality materials. The intensive cleaning process is performed with water-based cleaning agents without solvents and removes grease, oil and other dirt without any trouble. The use of appropriate cleaning agents allows conservation of the components for a certain time.
      Oils, lubricants and other greases are automatically degraded by means of microorganisms. Ergonomically designed work area.


      e.g. manufacture, maintenance, workshop, metal treatment.


      German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1172_GB.

      Accessories and spare parts

      • 3-layer filter mat for BIO parts cleaner BIO KÄRCHER Art. No.  082948 BIO
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      • Component cleaning agent BIO BIO20 KÄRCHER Art. No.  082942 BIO20
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      • Component cleaning agent BIO BCPMS KÄRCHER Art. No.  082942 BCPMS
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