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      Article no.: 077412 782086

      High-frequency 125 mm Øangle grinder 782086

      Brand: Fein
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      High-frequency 125 mm Øangle grinder 782086

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      High frequency angle grinder for continuous use at high power. These machines are operated at 300 Hz and combine high motor power with very long working life. Greatly improved ergonomics compared to the predecessor machines.


      • Extremely high effective power of the machines due to increased frequency, up to 6 times higher than conventional 50-Hz machines.
      • Little loss of speed under load, i.e. highly constant performance with consistent material removal.
      • Working at optimum circumferential speeds, with high abrasive performance and low wear of the abrasive material.
      • High reserves of power, generally approx. 100% above the nominal value.
      • High traction power (torque).
      • Economic operating and power consumption costs, compared for instance to pneumatic tools.
      • Very smooth cutting action, extremely low noise and vibration exposure.


      For heavy high performance grinding and parting-off work, especially in metalworking.


      German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1172_GB.