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      Article no.: 160500

      Re-adjustable hand reamer 4 mm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Tool material HSS
      Application for type of drilling for through hole
      Norm DIN 859
      Helix angle 7-8
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      Re-adjustable hand reamer 4 mm GARANT

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      Up to 5 mm with straight flutes; from 6 mm with left hand helix 7 − 8°. The reamer body is slit and can be adjusted by approx. 1/100 of the reamer ⌀ using the expansion screw (e.g. 20 mm ⌀ = 0.2 mm).


      For opening through holes to a slight oversize. Use the straight fluted reamers only in holes which are not interrupted. Make sure that the screw is not left tightened when stored.

      Application Table

      Aluminium (short chipping)
      Steel < 500 N/mm²
      Steel < 750 N/mm²
      Steel < 900 N/mm²