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      Article no.: 220803

      End mill 90° 5720VZ16 with bore 40/3 mm

      Brand: Kennametal
      Milling application Ramping
      Milling application Circular milling
      Milling application End milling
      Through-coolant true
      Setting angle κ 90
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      End mill 90° 5720VZ16 with bore 40/3 mm

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      Milling body with plain shank, balanced to G = 6.3 at 30,000 rpm. Shell-type milling cutters and milling cutters with modular interfaces have to be balancedtogether with their holder before use in high-speed copy milling. The design allows all radii of indexable inserts up to re=6.0mm to be mounted without modification to the milling head and without length correction.