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      Article no.: 465500 30

      Glass fibre tape measure in a frame 30 m

      Brand: BMI
      Calibration G1
      Norm EG II
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      Glass fibre tape measure in a frame 30 m

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      Capsule: Indestructible plastic casing with soft finish surface. Storage is provided in the casing for the crank arm and the pull ring. Can be converted for left-hand use.
      Frame: Light metal frame with ball bearing mounted fast winding and folding crank.
      Glass fibre tape measure. Extremely buckling-resistant and flexible, weather-proof, and resistant to many chemicals. Electrically non-conducting. Good legibility. With cm graduations (first 20 cm graduated in mm).


      Versions with 100 m length, or with inch graduations, or with start of scale type B / C available on request.