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      Article no.: 499204 SJ210

      Surface roughness measuring tool SJ210

      Brand: Mitutoyo
      Interface RS232C interface
      Interface USB interface
      Interface Digimatic interface
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      Surface roughness measuring tool SJ210

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      Transportable cordless rail system for determining surface roughness. Gauge force 0.75 mN to DIN/ISO. Separate feed unit for measurements in very small spaces and for attachment to stands. Phase correction Gauss filter to DIN EN ISO 16610-21 (supersedes DIN EN ISO 11562). Automatic protection of the probe during transport. Auto-calibration function and integral memory for measurement conditions.
      • 2.4 inch TFT colour display can be rotated electronically. Feed unit can be operated as part of the main unit or separately. Measured data and measurement conditions can be archived to micro-SD memory card.
      • All recognised parameters to DIN EN ISO, VDA, JIS, ANSI, and freely selectable conditions.

      Supplied with:

      Feed unit with contact point, mains adapter, calibration standard, and carrying case.

      Optional extras:

      Transmitter and probe for small bores (from 2.5 mm) No. 499210, rail for flat and cylindrical components No. 499220 size Z-KUFE, support legs (2 pieces) No. 499220 size FUSS, adapter for clamping in height gauge No. 499220 size H-ADAPT, granite measurement stand No. 499415, data cable No. 498430.


      German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1174_GB.


      Free-of-charge analysis software, further adapters, and probes available on request.

      Accessories and spare parts

      • Connection cable USB2 Mitutoyo Art. No.  498430 USB2
        Subsequent delivery
      • Granite stand with T-slot Mitutoyo Art. No.  499415
        Subsequent delivery
      • Optional accessories H-ADAPT Mitutoyo Art. No.  499220 H-ADAPT
        Subsequent delivery
      • Sensor / probe head 6/90 Mitutoyo Art. No.  499210 6/90
        Subsequent delivery
      • Connection cable D1 Mitutoyo Art. No.  498430 D1
        Subsequent delivery
      • Sensor / probe head 6/60 Mitutoyo Art. No.  499210 6/60
        Subsequent delivery
      • Optional accessories Z-KUFE Mitutoyo Art. No.  499220 Z-KUFE
        Subsequent delivery
      • Connection cable D2 Mitutoyo Art. No.  498430 D2
        Subsequent delivery
      • Optional accessories FUSS Mitutoyo Art. No.  499220 FUSS
        Subsequent delivery
      • Sensor / probe head 2,5 Mitutoyo Art. No.  499210 2,5
        Subsequent delivery