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      Article no.: 493535

      Shadowgraph PV-5110 with 10 lens

      Brand: Mitutoyo
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      Shadowgraph PV-5110 with 10 lens

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      Profile projector for precise transillumination and incident light checking of large components. Robust free-standing device for universal application in production and inspection.
      • Standard lens 10×. For 5×, 20×, 50×, and 100× lenses, see optional accessories. Maximum distortion of the lenses 0.2 %.
      • Rotating screen ⌀ effective 508 mm.
      • Integral digital LED display for angular measurements, selectable degrees / decimal.
      • Telecentric illumination system for even illumination of the image field and exact measurements.
      • Sturdy coordinate comparator stand 380×250 mm, with integral glass scales.
      • Ensures straight forward observation and easy measuring of lengths, angles, curves, radii, and threads etc.


      Supplied with:

      10× magnification lens, measurement table, halogen incident illumination and transillumination, digital angle display, mains lead.

      Optional extras:

      Digital display unit No. 499356, lens No. 493560, adapter No. 494020, tilting central support No. 494040, horizontal Vee No. 494050, clamp No. 493040, cutting edge cleaner No. 354788.


      German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1174_GB.


      Further special accessories such as standard comparison scales or an edge sensor with QM-Data 200 analysis unit, 2-D-Geopak software programme, digital display or dust cover available on request.

      Accessories and spare parts

      • Digital display 3 Mitutoyo Art. No.  499356 3
        Subsequent delivery
      • Adapter plates, pair Mitutoyo Art. No.  494020
        Subsequent delivery
      • Horizontal Vee block Mitutoyo Art. No.  494050
        Subsequent delivery
      • Inclinable centre support Mitutoyo Art. No.  494040
        Subsequent delivery
      • Digital display 2 Mitutoyo Art. No.  499356 2
        Subsequent delivery
      • Clip holders Mitutoyo Art. No.  493040
        Subsequent delivery
      • Lens for projector PV -5110 20 Mitutoyo Art. No.  493560 20
        Subsequent delivery
      • Lens for projector PV -5110 50 Mitutoyo Art. No.  493560 50
        Subsequent delivery
      • Lens for projector PV -5110 5 Mitutoyo Art. No.  493560 5
        Subsequent delivery