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      Article no.: 498965

      Receiver / USB keyboard interface

      Brand: Bobe
      Interface USB interface
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      Receiver / USB keyboard interface

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      The Bobe system allows wireless transmission of measured data at the press of a key on the PC.
      Buzzer and LEDs for confirmation of receipt at the receiver. A maximum of 99 transmitters can be received.

      Supplied with:

      USB cable.


      When ordering the transmitter and receiver please specify the required frequency. Frequencies available: 433.920 MHz 434.075 MHz 434.600 MHz 434.700 MHz 868.300 MHz 868.6625 MHz 869.2125 MHz 869.2750 MHz 869.3625 MHz 869.750 MHz 869.800 MHz 869.9250 MHz

      Accessories and spare parts

      • Transmitter S1 Bobe Art. No.  498966 S1
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      • Transmitter S4E Bobe Art. No.  498966 S4E
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      • Transmitter S6 Bobe Art. No.  498966 S6
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      • Transmitter S16E Bobe Art. No.  498966 S16E
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      • Transmitter S11E Bobe Art. No.  498966 S11E
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      • Transmitter S2 Bobe Art. No.  498966 S2
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      • Transmitter S121 Bobe Art. No.  498966 S121
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